Wednesday, January 4, 2012


The elections results brought success for the Republican party in November of 2010. Several party leaders viewed the various congressional and senatorial wins across the country as potential momentum towards future political victories. The primary focus for the Republicans was realized and promoted the day after general election night 2010, – Win The White House By Any Means Necessary!

Honestly, allow me to begin this article by saying this does not imply that Republicans are bad individuals, because if we are truthful not all Democrats or Independents should be categorized as good. Clearly, the goal of any politician is winning an election and creating policies plus legislation which will speak to the interests of your respective group.

After watching the country move to the left and embrace the concept of change, togetherness and hope in the fall of 2008, the Republican Party began to mount efforts to regain leadership or control within Washington D.C. – initial target the 2010 midterm elections. Well after reviewing the results, mission accomplished! The Republican Party leadership mounted an aggressive campaign against the White House and every liberal policy, particularly Obamacare. In addition, the Tea Party helped by creating enthusiasm along with raising issues which pulled at the heart strings of many who watched the country struggle to gain its financial foundation and stem the tide of unemployment & economic uncertainty.

The Republicans gained control of the house with sweeping election results across the country in November 2010 and next on the agenda – the White House, US Senate and every governorship possible. How can we do it? How can we get the votes needed to win? PREVENT THEM FROM VOTING!

Yes, the Republicans have implemented a unique state strategy, the development of legislation which forms a modern day version of voter suppression. Currently several states across the country, most with Republican led state houses, are promoting ways of eliminating voter fraud. These various states are creating requirements; one of those being that anyone registered to vote must have a state-issued ID. Wait? I didn’t know we had an issue with voter fraud.

For example in the state of Georgia, current republican Gov. Sonny Perdue said, "The sad fact is that dead people have cast votes in Georgia and — before this law is implemented — there was no way to tell how many deceased voters, felons or even illegal aliens may have been casting ballots in Georgia elections." This statement echoes across the state of Georgia, where there has never been one proven case of voter fraud in nearly a decade. It is clear the state legislation movement is nothing but an attempt to lessen the amount of minorities, college students and elderly voting in the 2012 elections. Many analysts say the majority of these possible disenfranchised votes would be cast for democratic candidates.

Many elderly have expressed they have never used an ID to vote and may not even possess a state issued ID. College students have drivers license from their home states, but register and vote while attending school because election dates scheduled during the school year. Clearly the plan has been developed – stop the ability to vote! It is important that progressive civic organizations and Democratic leaders begin to address this issue, possibly offset it the Republican strategy by instructing individuals within those states on how to be properly equipped to vote in 2012. A national campaign should be promoted that your voting rights can possibly be halted at your local polling place on election day and how you can make sure it doesn’t happen to you. Stop Voter Suppression Strategy 2012.

As indicated earlier in this article, the goal of a political candidate is winning an election. It is incredible to believe that preventing votes instead of earning votes is the Republican strategy. The best strategy would be to nominate candidates and policies which speak to the needs of voters, create aggressive door to door grassroots efforts and produce advertisements which speak of solutions not disparaging commentary about your political opponent.

In addition to state issued ID legislation, some states are rolling back early voting and other Election Day registration laws to win by any means necessary. So instead of nominating a qualified Republican presidential candidate to earn votes let’s create legislation which will result in less votes for President Obama!

To think, during the 1960’s people sacrificed families, businesses and yes, even lives so everyone might have the right to vote. But some clearly believe the past sacrifices of many is not enough to do what is right and allow everyone who is a legal resident of the United States of America – the right to vote.
Strategy – earn votes don’t suppress them!

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