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On Monday, William Daley resigned as the Chief of Staff for President Barack Obama. It was quite interesting that just a few days earlier a new book launched talking about the marriage of the president and first lady. One of the highlights of the book is a disdain felt by Michelle Obama and a level of internal fighting amongst her and various factions inside the White House. Currently the entire country, if not the world to some degree, is focused upon the 2012 Presidential election. Media coverage has primarily focused on the group of Republican candidates as they have positioned to vie for various voting blocks. During the final few weeks of 2011 however the Obama team began publicly promoting the dual existence of an active president and campaign candidate, not an easy task. This recent book may explain why that task has become more difficult, not due to political opposition, but because various important figures just can’t get along.

In the recently released book entitled ‘The Obamas ‘ the author discussed an on-going battle in style, policies and political thought inside the White House. The EAST WING

is the residence section of the White House, where Michelle Obama has positioned herself as more than a figurehead. She has proven to be informed, intelligent and important to the decision process of President Obama. Mrs. Obama has forged an awesome partnership with Dr. Jill Biden, various military advisors, public advocates and health experts as she has shown tremendous efforts to aide military families, fight obesity and encourage healthy eating. She has demonstrated the ability to keep in touch with how average Americans feel and attempted to press those concerns with the other two groups inside the Obama White House. Her desire is ensuring the fulfillment

of promises to Americans and a lasting legacy for the Obama presidency. The books expresses that she has found it difficult, at times, to handle certain White House officials such as Rahm Emmanuel and David Axelrod. Her frustration reached a climax when her chief of staff was not permitted to attend a morning White House staff meeting, clearly Gibbs and Emanuel sent a message to the East Wing.

The WEST WING is the group which surrounds and enacts the policies and daily politics of the president. As voters are reviewing the first term record of President Obama, some fault the lack of success due to those within key administration positions. During the last three years several changes have taken place, but there has remain a constant sense of uncertainty on how to tackle vital issues such as the economy, unemployment and a republican controlled house. One of the goals for Barack Obama was changing the bipartisan climate in Washington DC, however that climate may have gotten worse due to White House staff being unable to create conversations and working dialogues with both republicans and democrats on the hill. Many recall that the drafting of the healthcare proposal came from congress, not the White House and many are still asking why? Why did the White House staff take a secondary position of

creation, development and influence on what has become the cornerstone of the initial term for President Obama? A West Wing comprised of good individuals but maybe not good enough to maneuver through the tough political, social and economic times felt in America right now. The West Wing staff was good enough to secure victory to gain the White House, but is it good enough during the last three years of leadership to earn another term from America voters?

THE CHICAGO WING is comprised of those whom have departed the White House during the last few years and now re-emerge as members of the re-election team.
Their departure from DC could have been more than just about missing family or another career opportunity, but occurred due to the possible disharmony inside the White House. The CHICAGO WING features people who pressed hard for healthcare reform, a policy that may actually hamper the re-election of President Obama. The book details a lack of communication and various harsh arguments between White House officials, so what does that mean for the re-election campaign? The Obama team will need to focus on a serious Republican candidate, super PACS creating and airing tons of negative ads plus political surrogates which will attack the work of President Obama, clearly no time for lack of communication inside the campaign.

And now the latest piece, the former Chicago politico asking to return home. Is there still a problem? What is the issue? Why is William Daley leaving the White House during an election year? Some people have said that President Obama is quite adamant of proving he is the smartest person in the room, however he was not elected as the smartest man in American, but elected as president because America believed he was the right leader during these difficult times. Yes, intelligence is needed but compassion, understanding and firm decisions help to make people comfortable and confident while the ‘storms’ are prayerfully passing over. What type of team is needed to lead, guide and improve the work and results of the Obama White House? Many political experts embraced the decision of choosing William Daley as chief of staff, but once again something is wrong because he is heading back to Chicago. The Daley departure is not the signal you want to send to an American public looking for firm, decisive and positive leadership for the country.

With an insensitive Republican house, Iran flexing nuclear muscles, high unemployment rate, increasing violence in middle east hot spots and a struggling economy the Obama team doesn’t need any factions existing between their three wings of operation.

Makes me wonder does Hilary Clinton need to assume the vice presidential position during the second Obama term to possibly bring togetherness to the White House?


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