Wednesday, January 11, 2012



On Monday, William Daley resigned as the Chief of Staff for President Barack Obama. It was quite interesting that just a few days earlier a new book launched talking about the marriage of the president and first lady. One of the highlights of the book is a disdain felt by Michelle Obama and a level of internal fighting amongst her and various factions inside the White House. Currently the entire country, if not the world to some degree, is focused upon the 2012 Presidential election. Media coverage has primarily focused on the group of Republican candidates as they have positioned to vie for various voting blocks. During the final few weeks of 2011 however the Obama team began publicly promoting the dual existence of an active president and campaign candidate, not an easy task. This recent book may explain why that task has become more difficult, not due to political opposition, but because various important figures just can’t get along.

In the recently released book entitled ‘The Obamas ‘ the author discussed an on-going battle in style, policies and political thought inside the White House. The EAST WING

is the residence section of the White House, where Michelle Obama has positioned herself as more than a figurehead. She has proven to be informed, intelligent and important to the decision process of President Obama. Mrs. Obama has forged an awesome partnership with Dr. Jill Biden, various military advisors, public advocates and health experts as she has shown tremendous efforts to aide military families, fight obesity and encourage healthy eating. She has demonstrated the ability to keep in touch with how average Americans feel and attempted to press those concerns with the other two groups inside the Obama White House. Her desire is ensuring the fulfillment

of promises to Americans and a lasting legacy for the Obama presidency. The books expresses that she has found it difficult, at times, to handle certain White House officials such as Rahm Emmanuel and David Axelrod. Her frustration reached a climax when her chief of staff was not permitted to attend a morning White House staff meeting, clearly Gibbs and Emanuel sent a message to the East Wing.

The WEST WING is the group which surrounds and enacts the policies and daily politics of the president. As voters are reviewing the first term record of President Obama, some fault the lack of success due to those within key administration positions. During the last three years several changes have taken place, but there has remain a constant sense of uncertainty on how to tackle vital issues such as the economy, unemployment and a republican controlled house. One of the goals for Barack Obama was changing the bipartisan climate in Washington DC, however that climate may have gotten worse due to White House staff being unable to create conversations and working dialogues with both republicans and democrats on the hill. Many recall that the drafting of the healthcare proposal came from congress, not the White House and many are still asking why? Why did the White House staff take a secondary position of

creation, development and influence on what has become the cornerstone of the initial term for President Obama? A West Wing comprised of good individuals but maybe not good enough to maneuver through the tough political, social and economic times felt in America right now. The West Wing staff was good enough to secure victory to gain the White House, but is it good enough during the last three years of leadership to earn another term from America voters?

THE CHICAGO WING is comprised of those whom have departed the White House during the last few years and now re-emerge as members of the re-election team.
Their departure from DC could have been more than just about missing family or another career opportunity, but occurred due to the possible disharmony inside the White House. The CHICAGO WING features people who pressed hard for healthcare reform, a policy that may actually hamper the re-election of President Obama. The book details a lack of communication and various harsh arguments between White House officials, so what does that mean for the re-election campaign? The Obama team will need to focus on a serious Republican candidate, super PACS creating and airing tons of negative ads plus political surrogates which will attack the work of President Obama, clearly no time for lack of communication inside the campaign.

And now the latest piece, the former Chicago politico asking to return home. Is there still a problem? What is the issue? Why is William Daley leaving the White House during an election year? Some people have said that President Obama is quite adamant of proving he is the smartest person in the room, however he was not elected as the smartest man in American, but elected as president because America believed he was the right leader during these difficult times. Yes, intelligence is needed but compassion, understanding and firm decisions help to make people comfortable and confident while the ‘storms’ are prayerfully passing over. What type of team is needed to lead, guide and improve the work and results of the Obama White House? Many political experts embraced the decision of choosing William Daley as chief of staff, but once again something is wrong because he is heading back to Chicago. The Daley departure is not the signal you want to send to an American public looking for firm, decisive and positive leadership for the country.

With an insensitive Republican house, Iran flexing nuclear muscles, high unemployment rate, increasing violence in middle east hot spots and a struggling economy the Obama team doesn’t need any factions existing between their three wings of operation.

Makes me wonder does Hilary Clinton need to assume the vice presidential position during the second Obama term to possibly bring togetherness to the White House?


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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


In 2008 a freshman Illinois senator named Barack Obama vaulted from a political underdog to an overnight winner. He promoted a message and created an incredible campaign machine which surpassed two well known candidates to capture an Iowa caucus victory. The Iowa caucus became the foundation for the election of Barack Obama to the 44th presidency of the United States and last night three men are hoping for the same result in 2012.

The Iowa caucus is the initial voting in the presidential election primary process and the results were gratifying for two individuals – Mitt Romney & Rick Santorum. After more than 10 debates, numerous possible Republican candidates such as Palin & Trump and thousands of media coverage hours the race towards the presidency has officially begun. Last night proved to be most meaningful for Rick Santorum, who has emerged as a candidate with a message and supporters. The results from Iowa proved harmful for Michelle Bachmann, who won the Iowa straw polls less than six months ago but took the last place in caucus voting on Tuesday night, excluding John Huntsman who did not campaign in Iowa. Many people question whether Iowa is a fare litmus test of how the overall country feels about the various Republican candidates seeking the presidency. Last night Iowa proved to be an interesting study in how local politics can impact the national scene. The characters for last were a previously run presidential candidate from ’08, a candidate with a strong ground game and a candidate riding momentum. Two of these individuals nealry finished tied together, as the Iowa caucus winner was determined by eight votes, closest in state history.

Let’s take time to review:

-Negative Ads Work….just a few weeks ago Newt Gingrich was leading the pack of candidates, however after an assault of attack ads from a few candidates and a political super PAC. On last night Newt dropped to a fourth place result in Iowa. Get ready for Gingrich to launch back a litany of so-called 'truths' at Romney in New Hampshire and South Carolina, it could be his final attempt in winning the Republican nomination.

-Caucus Is A Different Form Of Voting……the best way to describe caucus voting is the song ‘Stand By Your Man’. You must attend a meeting, hear about all candidates and then make your choice. You attend a caucus site which may contain your neighbor, pastor and/or barber, so yes some political camps start urging friends to consider voting with them. A candidate, family member of candidate or high profile surrogate attends the caucus meetings to make a pitch right before the voting. Everybody and every vote counts in the Iowa caucuses.

-Evangelical versus Tea Party…..last night during the caucus we could have seen the transition of power inside the Republican party as the two hard core conservative sides fought for their respective choice. The evangelical base is rooted in faith, harsh stances on marriage-abortion-guns-fiscal operations. The tea party base is rooted in smaller government, state rights, no single leader and less red tape. The final voting result from Iowa indicates that neither dominated the voting and maybe the tea-party actually countered the evangelical base, each group splitting their votes mainly amongst Romney, Santorum & Paul. Does this mean that neither faction has the ability to deliver the nominee?

-Lessen The Field…..since Iowa represents the first primary and doesn’t demand significant amounts of money the field yields anyone and everyone. These various individuals make an attempt to create a national name, gain media exposure and sell books. Iowa may not determine the actual Republican nominee but it will address those who will not be the nominee. One of the toughest individual efforts is running for the presidency, ask those who teased but didn’t – Sarah Palin-Donald Trump-Hermain Cain-Chris Christie. Some candidates will start and prayerfully stop in Iowa, do you hear me Rep. Bachmann and Gov. Perry.

-Romney Or Bust…….it was thought prior to voting in Iowa that unless something dramatic happens the Republican presidential campaign of Mitt Romney, despite not being the hard core conservative-Christian that both the evangelicals & tea party truly desire, will win the nomination and face President Obama. WELL WAIT A MINUTE. Gingrich & Santorum may partner to create havoc for Romney through Super Tuesday. If Perry & Bachmann decide to back Huntsman or Santorum it could mean a fight that would keep Romney on the right side of political thought during the entire primary. And Mitt Romney will need to mantain Ron Paul and his supporters in the Republican tent to avoid a possible third-party candidacy in the general election.

-Obama On Point……if we have learned anything about President Barack Obama, he may be the best campaigner in presidential history. As he transitions into full time campaign mode against the Republican nominee, we will see glimpses of the Obama from 2008. As political pundits view the Republican field of candidates, a few say a sliver of the Obama of '08 is still ten times more effective than any current Republican candidate. Oh by the way, the Obama campaign was well organized in Iowa on last night, thanks to Donna Brazile for keeping us informed via social media.

So why is Iowa so important? Well, you could argue because it’s first or maybe because Iowa is geographically in the middle of the country - WRONG! The reason why Iowa is so vital to the presidential election process is because of the style of voting. As indicated earlier in this blog, caucus voting requires a loyalty beyond the normal voting process. Candidates must actually meet, greet, touch, talk and develop caucus goers if they are interested in winning. If Iowa was a primary, whoever spent the most money on media ads, social media and mailers would probably win.

Just a Sims thought – the average voter profile in Iowa is not truly reflective of our country so maybe it shouldn’t be first nor taken as a barometer for the thoughts of the country but rather for how Iowa feels in this presidential election season.

And I just want to say hello to some wonderful folk from and living in Waterloo, Iowa.
And now to New Hampshire we go!


The elections results brought success for the Republican party in November of 2010. Several party leaders viewed the various congressional and senatorial wins across the country as potential momentum towards future political victories. The primary focus for the Republicans was realized and promoted the day after general election night 2010, – Win The White House By Any Means Necessary!

Honestly, allow me to begin this article by saying this does not imply that Republicans are bad individuals, because if we are truthful not all Democrats or Independents should be categorized as good. Clearly, the goal of any politician is winning an election and creating policies plus legislation which will speak to the interests of your respective group.

After watching the country move to the left and embrace the concept of change, togetherness and hope in the fall of 2008, the Republican Party began to mount efforts to regain leadership or control within Washington D.C. – initial target the 2010 midterm elections. Well after reviewing the results, mission accomplished! The Republican Party leadership mounted an aggressive campaign against the White House and every liberal policy, particularly Obamacare. In addition, the Tea Party helped by creating enthusiasm along with raising issues which pulled at the heart strings of many who watched the country struggle to gain its financial foundation and stem the tide of unemployment & economic uncertainty.

The Republicans gained control of the house with sweeping election results across the country in November 2010 and next on the agenda – the White House, US Senate and every governorship possible. How can we do it? How can we get the votes needed to win? PREVENT THEM FROM VOTING!

Yes, the Republicans have implemented a unique state strategy, the development of legislation which forms a modern day version of voter suppression. Currently several states across the country, most with Republican led state houses, are promoting ways of eliminating voter fraud. These various states are creating requirements; one of those being that anyone registered to vote must have a state-issued ID. Wait? I didn’t know we had an issue with voter fraud.

For example in the state of Georgia, current republican Gov. Sonny Perdue said, "The sad fact is that dead people have cast votes in Georgia and — before this law is implemented — there was no way to tell how many deceased voters, felons or even illegal aliens may have been casting ballots in Georgia elections." This statement echoes across the state of Georgia, where there has never been one proven case of voter fraud in nearly a decade. It is clear the state legislation movement is nothing but an attempt to lessen the amount of minorities, college students and elderly voting in the 2012 elections. Many analysts say the majority of these possible disenfranchised votes would be cast for democratic candidates.

Many elderly have expressed they have never used an ID to vote and may not even possess a state issued ID. College students have drivers license from their home states, but register and vote while attending school because election dates scheduled during the school year. Clearly the plan has been developed – stop the ability to vote! It is important that progressive civic organizations and Democratic leaders begin to address this issue, possibly offset it the Republican strategy by instructing individuals within those states on how to be properly equipped to vote in 2012. A national campaign should be promoted that your voting rights can possibly be halted at your local polling place on election day and how you can make sure it doesn’t happen to you. Stop Voter Suppression Strategy 2012.

As indicated earlier in this article, the goal of a political candidate is winning an election. It is incredible to believe that preventing votes instead of earning votes is the Republican strategy. The best strategy would be to nominate candidates and policies which speak to the needs of voters, create aggressive door to door grassroots efforts and produce advertisements which speak of solutions not disparaging commentary about your political opponent.

In addition to state issued ID legislation, some states are rolling back early voting and other Election Day registration laws to win by any means necessary. So instead of nominating a qualified Republican presidential candidate to earn votes let’s create legislation which will result in less votes for President Obama!

To think, during the 1960’s people sacrificed families, businesses and yes, even lives so everyone might have the right to vote. But some clearly believe the past sacrifices of many is not enough to do what is right and allow everyone who is a legal resident of the United States of America – the right to vote.
Strategy – earn votes don’t suppress them!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


OK, the party has no true leader, the darling of the party quits her job (isn’t that the quality we need in a political leader), they are the minority party in congress and any resemblance of leadership is found talking stupidity on the radio or showing stupidity as they host shows on Fox cable network. With all that going against them the crazy right wing of the Republican party has one focus – Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States. HUH?

I know you wish I was joking, but yes there is a birth movement in this country looking to establish the idea that President Obama was not born in the United States. In this country we are rooted in freedom and freedoms, one being freedom to express, so I’m not telling them to SHUT UP but if its not true, facts have been given to prove its not true, then please SHUT UP!

During the past few weeks many documents have emerged to confirm that President Obama was born in the state of Hawaii. Yes Hawaii, you know the state that is part of the United Sates of America. You know, Hawaii, where thousands vacation every year. The most recent document shows the actual birth announcement in the Hawaiin newspaper, but yet the crazy right fringe keep pushing the point of Obama wasn’t born in US.

Our country is dealing with a rough economy, double – digit unemployment, failing public educational system, military and diplomacy battles in foreign countries and so much more – why is this taking up energy and time? The role of any true elected official is serving the common good of their respective constituents, MICAH SIMS SAYS serve your districts or states and fight for ways to improve their lives. MICAH SIMS SAYS get in there and dialogue/meet/deal for key elements of healthcare so that all citizens of the United States benefit.

MICAH SIMS SAYS President Obama was born in the USA. We should all be working to make our home and community better. I’ve got a question if his birth was an issue how did he get elected and stay in the Illinois state senate, senate of the United States and democratic presidential primary.

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Friday, July 24, 2009


I want you to enjoy your weekend. As you enjoy your family, travel, barbeque or enjoy the company of others I want you to consider allowing the following moments teach you a few things:

Gates arrested by Cambridge Police
- There is an historical issue and statistical data that speaks to police &
African American / Latino men (can you say racial profiling)
- We need to discuss race relations in this country
- President Obama is a man who has friends and its clear he was concerned about his friend. He didn’t bring it up, he was asked a question during a press conference
- Be careful who we tag as racist, only the heart & actions thereof can truly define who a racist individual

Healthcare takes the slow track
- As the wealthiest country in the world, legal citizens of this country should all have healthcare coverage
- President Obama should understand that paying for healthcare is just as important as providing it.
- Congress should get it right and not just do it for the sake of media headlines

The Economy
- The Dow Jones is rising therefore is the stimulus helping bring about economic recovery in this country. The Dow Jones has been expressed as the barometer of economic conditions within America.
- JOBS JOBS JOBS we need to find a way to get people employed, back to work again. We should be encouraging new businesses and existing businesses to expand and therefore hire some new employees
- Americans should begin to express confidence in the market and begin to spend – but spend wisely!

New Jersey Corruption Arrests
- Okay don’t think about this, just be careful with dealing with politicians from New Jersey. However there are bad politicians everywhere.
- I will talk more about this next week.

MICAH SIMS SAYS these are just some things to consider over the weekend and we will pick up the conversation again on Monday.

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MICAH SIMS SAYS see you on Monday, have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


On last night CNN presented the special report entitled Black In America II. I applaud the content, work and effort of the special report. It featured some awesome stories of African Americans exceeding beyond the issues and problems of life. My writing doesn’t condemn the actual televised report series but ponders why these stories haven’t found there way to our eyes and ears before.

We have made monumental gains as a race, however we have yet to establish a constant means of radio, television and cable outlets to tell these stories on a daily basis. I believe the children of Brooklyn and the principal of Hartford are not rare but are rarely reported on by mainstream media. We have made progress with entities such as Harpo Productions, Radio One, Johnson Publishing, RUSH Communications and others but what about the day to day news outlet that make those stories the norm and not the exception.

The special report should be about rallying the African American culture to support radio programs, radio stations, cable programs and television stations. I believe that if business owners and media moguls could depend on the commitment of the African American base then we would see more media outlets and those stories on the CNN special become the norm and not the exception.

MICAH SIMS SAYS don’t you want our stories reported by our people to the world on a daily basis. Don’t you believe that we have the ability to tell it from our perspective and still obtain the respect of the world. MICAH SIMS SAYS the special report should be will the African American culture support a new black owned cable network, support a new version of Radio One and support a daily newspaper reflecting stories from all across the country.

MICAH SIMS SAYS it time to tell everyone that Black in America shouldn’t be reported as a special but reported everyday in everyway.

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Monday, July 20, 2009


Over the weekend a wonderful display of athletic and mental stamina was being performed in England. With green fairways, bunkers, challenging putting surfaces and occasional fierce winds as the backdrop, Tom Watson was playing a masterful British Open golf tournament. Mr. Watson is revered in the sport as one of the best ever. He has won tournaments all across the world and along with Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus are viewed as the standard barriers of golf excellence.

Mr. Watson plays most of his tournaments during the year on the senior tour, however for the four major tournaments he comes back to the regular tour for an appearance. This week his appearance became magical as Mr. Watson competed at the top of the leader board for all four rounds and nearly won the tournament. I lift this wonderful performance because it should remind all of us that greatness has no boundaries.

I don’t believe there was a golf analyst anywhere who predicted that Tom Watson, almost 60 years of age, would nearly win the 2009 British Open. Mr. Watson was prepared to face the course and relied on his years of experience to guide him through the intense and challenging course. His performance in the tournament was nothing less than great and it came from a 59 year-old golfer.

Mr. Watson has shown us that whether you are young or old, white or black, rich or poor, male or female, everyone has the potential of giving a great performance. Everyday there are men and women of this country giving great performances in countries as they protect us from harm. Everyday there are men and women in uniforms keeping our cities and states safe as they patrol giving great performances. During the academic year there are teachers from Atlanta to Austin, Miami to Memphis, Philadelphia to Phoenix and everywhere in between giving great performances in the classroom. MICAH SIMS SAYS greatness has no boundaries.

I hope that today that many of us become inspired by Mr, Tom Watson and go out there and give a great performance. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t, that you wont and you shouldn’t try. MICAH SIMS SAYS view every opportunity as a chance to be great

MICAH SIMS SAYS see you tomorrow.