Friday, July 24, 2009


I want you to enjoy your weekend. As you enjoy your family, travel, barbeque or enjoy the company of others I want you to consider allowing the following moments teach you a few things:

Gates arrested by Cambridge Police
- There is an historical issue and statistical data that speaks to police &
African American / Latino men (can you say racial profiling)
- We need to discuss race relations in this country
- President Obama is a man who has friends and its clear he was concerned about his friend. He didn’t bring it up, he was asked a question during a press conference
- Be careful who we tag as racist, only the heart & actions thereof can truly define who a racist individual

Healthcare takes the slow track
- As the wealthiest country in the world, legal citizens of this country should all have healthcare coverage
- President Obama should understand that paying for healthcare is just as important as providing it.
- Congress should get it right and not just do it for the sake of media headlines

The Economy
- The Dow Jones is rising therefore is the stimulus helping bring about economic recovery in this country. The Dow Jones has been expressed as the barometer of economic conditions within America.
- JOBS JOBS JOBS we need to find a way to get people employed, back to work again. We should be encouraging new businesses and existing businesses to expand and therefore hire some new employees
- Americans should begin to express confidence in the market and begin to spend – but spend wisely!

New Jersey Corruption Arrests
- Okay don’t think about this, just be careful with dealing with politicians from New Jersey. However there are bad politicians everywhere.
- I will talk more about this next week.

MICAH SIMS SAYS these are just some things to consider over the weekend and we will pick up the conversation again on Monday.

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MICAH SIMS SAYS see you on Monday, have a great weekend!!!

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