Monday, July 6, 2009


Governor Sarah Palin has thrown national politics an Alaskan curveball. Her shocking announcement on last week still has left pundits and politicians scratching their heads. Last year Gov. Sarah Palin rose from obscurity to the selected running mate on the republican presidential ticket with Senator John McCain. The loss was significant and some partially blamed the fiasco on the lack of preparation by Gov. Palin. After months of media coverage, political activity and occasional personal attacks, she has decided to not seek re-election and resign effective the end of July.

Her decision was primarily focused around two essential points. First, she believes that her love of this country and the call for greater change can take place more effectively with her being free. She returns to being a regular citizen and prepared to travel supporting candidates with like values and rallying the conservative base. The political pundits have appointed her as the queen of the conservative base. Many believe that her qualities and style will appeal to even more than the king of the base – Rush Limbaugh. The television and radio executives are planning charter flights to Alaska to compel the governor to sign with their respective outlets to begin her rule as queen.

Yes that’s right, instead of quality-thoughtful- engaging-provocative political show hosts such as Micah Sims, Sarah, I can see Alaska from my backyard, Palin gets the chance to speak before millions daily and receive millions for it. If you read my former blog posting, you realize that we love opposition, therefore why shouldn’t MSNBC, CNN, FOX, CBS radio offer a contract to Sarah Palin who does nothing but oppose everyone except herself. So, if a media offer doesn’t work Gov. Palin is bound to travel, give speeches and invite people to become part of the opposition, part of the new conservative right. Okay, everyone get ready MICAH SIMS SAYS joe the plumber and sarah palin are coming to a city near you.

We just celebrated Independence Day in this country and this move by Sarah Palin does speak to the new era of independence. MICAH SIMS SAYS when things don’t go your way, cut the cord – only worry about yourself – Sarah Palin has shown the new version of Independence. When the going gets tough, the tough get going – I guess we can say she is far from tough. Or is she tough because she is going, going right out of office because it's too tough for her to handle?

MICAH SIMS SAYS see you tomorrow.

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