Thursday, July 23, 2009


On last night CNN presented the special report entitled Black In America II. I applaud the content, work and effort of the special report. It featured some awesome stories of African Americans exceeding beyond the issues and problems of life. My writing doesn’t condemn the actual televised report series but ponders why these stories haven’t found there way to our eyes and ears before.

We have made monumental gains as a race, however we have yet to establish a constant means of radio, television and cable outlets to tell these stories on a daily basis. I believe the children of Brooklyn and the principal of Hartford are not rare but are rarely reported on by mainstream media. We have made progress with entities such as Harpo Productions, Radio One, Johnson Publishing, RUSH Communications and others but what about the day to day news outlet that make those stories the norm and not the exception.

The special report should be about rallying the African American culture to support radio programs, radio stations, cable programs and television stations. I believe that if business owners and media moguls could depend on the commitment of the African American base then we would see more media outlets and those stories on the CNN special become the norm and not the exception.

MICAH SIMS SAYS don’t you want our stories reported by our people to the world on a daily basis. Don’t you believe that we have the ability to tell it from our perspective and still obtain the respect of the world. MICAH SIMS SAYS the special report should be will the African American culture support a new black owned cable network, support a new version of Radio One and support a daily newspaper reflecting stories from all across the country.

MICAH SIMS SAYS it time to tell everyone that Black in America shouldn’t be reported as a special but reported everyday in everyway.

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