Thursday, July 2, 2009


Politics makes for strange bedfellows, meaning that politics can create some combinations and partnerships, which would generally never exist. In television and radio political opposition creates high ratings. After reviewing the most recent viewing numbers for the second quarter of 2009, it is clear that listening and/or watching an opposing opinion to the present majority political party draws the most viewers.

FOX News is totally dominating the cable news scene. The network described by many as the media outlet featuring right wing conservative viewpoint possess the top 10 most watched news programs on cable television. Some of the cable shows leaders involve well-known television/radio host such as Sean Hannity & Glenn Beck. Both Beck and Hannity are associated with radio juggernaut Rush Limbaugh in shaping the hard-core right wing conservative section of the Republican Party, which supported Bush, McCain, Palin and others. Many experts predicted that an Obama presidential win would enable these hosts and their programs to rise in ratings and viewer ship.

The same formula that empowers FOX News to take the top ten viewed political programs is the same that fueled MSNBC to the top spot during the closing months of the Bush administration. The formula to media success is quite easy, harshly oppose in every way the most recently elected individual and party. MICAH SIMS SAYS that our human nature (title of a Michael Jackson song) is drawn towards a fight between two people than peace amongst everyone. We want to see and hear what the opposition is saying with the hopes that I fight might take place. We love to watch the battle, watch the race and watch the fight between two opposing forces – there is no thrill to watching cheerleaders!

MICAH SIMS SAYS that journalists shouldn’t pick a side for ratings, but present to the viewing audience fair, objective and true journalism so that the media isn’t defining the mind of viewers.

MICAH SIMS SAYS see you tomorrow.

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