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Can you say Batman without quickly saying Robin? They are considered one of the greatest duos in fictional character history. Batman was clearly the dominating leader, he secured most of the attention from adversaries and allies. During most of the episodes Batman was the main feature, however if not for Robin how much success would Batman have obtained? The power of a duo or team is evident in the ability of the second member to provide the necessary support, not overshadow the lead and keep the flow going.

In the modern form of media, radio and television, there was no better second banana than Ed McMahon. His work in communication spans over some sixty years and generally most of it was being the second banana. Mr. McMahon possessed a professionalism that enabled him to produce in the role of second or sidekick. MICAH SIMS SAYS he had the ultimate tri-fecta of entertainment partners over his career – Dick Clark, Jerry Lewis & Johnny Carson.

Our world, our society is a much better place when people learn they don’t have to be the top banana, the leader to be successful. As we are encouraging our youth and developing their skill set, I hope we are telling them you don’t have to be the leader to be the best. Anyone who is achieving the maximum in the role they have been assigned in life is a leader.

In thinking further about being #2, it made be the harder of the two roles. Could it take a more special person to be a #2 than a #1? As the second there may be moments when you will be asked to step up and take the role of #1. And maybe there will be moments when you will have to perform both roles. MICAH SIMS SAYS wait a minute - #2 is actually #1 twice, meaning that a #2 is a person who should possess two times the talent-ability-greatness. :)

MICAH SIMS SAYS there is no ‘I’ in team, nor is there any ‘I’ in world. It takes all of us doing the best we can in our assigned duties of life to achieve total happiness and harmony for everyone. Ed McMahon teaches us that there is greatness in being the second banana.

MICAH SIMS SAYS glad to be back writing the daily blog

MICAH SIMS SAYS thanks for missing me

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