Thursday, June 18, 2009


During my weekly political talk radio show yesterday, we participated in a hearty discussion on racism and hatred within America. The conversation was engaging and meaningful for the listening audience and us. I believe that discussions should take place occasionally so that we aren’t attempting to ignore or sweep the issue under the rug. It is true that information is power and the more informed we can become about the unfortunate acts of racism and hate the more proactive we can be about addressing them.

One of the ideas to aide in diminishing racism and hatred is teaching the current generation of youth to view one another as humans and not as white, black or Latino. As we completed the conversation another issue surfaced which confirmed the need for continual talks about racism – the double standard.

A report was issued that a 16year old boy, current sophomore in high school, was dropping out of school to pursue a baseball career. The report detailed the excellent percentages and averages accomplished by this young phenom. Many scouts have declared him to be the next big thing in baseball. In cable media reports, several commentators elaborated on the potential fame and stardom of this young man.

We have heard of athletic phenoms before, however some of them were ridiculed for foregoing college and heading directly into the NBA. Journalists wrote editorials, reporters grabbed interviews from sports executives, psychologists talked about the immaturity of these young men to properly transition and handle the rough life of professional basketball. MICAH SIMS SAYS the reporting went further than the individual, it attacked the parents, families and high schools who seemingly pushed these young high school graduates from attending a college and making a declaration to go directly into the NBA. The public outcry was so strong about these decisions that the NBA then enforced its own rule to not allow anyone in the league until they completed one year of college.

MICAH SIMS SAYS here is the double standard, the young baseball high school sophomore drop out is white. The players going from high school to the NBA receiving the public scrutiny were African Americans. Lets continue to have discussions about racism and hatred on all levels and prayerfully we can eliminate double standards.

MICAH SIMS SAYS do you think double standards exist? Let me know by leaving a comment or response to this blog.

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