Thursday, June 11, 2009


I enjoy a good joke like everyone else. Good jokes, wonderful skits and enjoyable monologues can turn a bad show into a great show. As a radio host and radio personality I realize my public awareness can make me subject to jokes and attacks. It is clear that all media personalities, politicians and athletes are subject to scrutiny, ridicule and humor.

On Tuesday late night talk show David Letterman crossed the line. His opening monologue and top ten list involved Alaskan governor Sarah Palin. I’m not a fan of many of the views expressed by the governor; however I view her as a potential powerhouse in national politics over the next few years if developed by the right political operatives. During his monologue Letterman extended a joke about one of her daughters engaging in a sexual act – a rape. MICAH SIMS SAYS this totally crossed the line.

In reference to politicians, all bets are off, go after them – their policies – looks – blunders etc. but I believe that we should not involve the children of any politician, media personality or athlete in personal attacks, jokes or editorials. MICAH SIMS SAYS involving the children, who are innocent, who have no part of the political spin, athletic attitude or media madness is totally crossing the line and should be off limits.

Mr. Letterman MICAH SIMS SAYS you owe Gov. Palin, her husband and family a public and private apology. Let me ask you how you would feel if someone made a joke about someone raping – touching – hurting your child.

MICAH SIMS SAYS tell me how you feel, respond to my daily blog

MICAH SIMS SAYS talk to you tomorrow.

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  1. David Letterman absolutely did not make a joke about the rape of a child! Any one who watched the show knew the joke was in reference to Palin's daughter Bristol who had a child NOT 14-year old Willow. The joke may have been lowbrow but to say that the man made a rape joke is senseless. Letterman did not owe the Palins or anyone an apology. When you are a politician who comes out against sex education in favor of abstinence to the point of belittling those who favor sex education and your teenage daughter ends up pregnant you better be ready to be the butt of jokes. Rape had nothing to do with Bristol's pregnancy or Letterman's joke and to sling that word around so recklessly does more harm than the joke itself.