Friday, June 26, 2009


Michael Jackson is a one of a kind, a legend and one of the greatest musical talents in history. He will be remembered for his unbelievable musical talent – singer, performer, choreographer, songwriter and producer. Michael Jackson represents the first African American artist to transcend race and have his music reach people of all colors, backgrounds and economic status. His songs crossed over and achieved number one status for weeks in several Billboard categories and worldwide recognition.

It is difficult for me to write about an individual who I admired and adored. I enjoyed his music and performances from being part of the Jackson Five to his solo career. The songs, albums, concerts and videos clearly define the journey for me as I grew up. In this blog allow me to give you the songs as a journey from childhood to adulthood.

ABC 123 is my learning as a child in Mann Elementary School.
NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE part of being a child in a busy household, we were always on the go
DANCIN MACHINE made me understand I better learn how to dance
ROCK WITH YOU represents music during my first parties and roller skating parties at the rink on Lancaster Avenue in Philadelphia
THRILLER welcome to age of MTV and Friday night videos
HUMAN NATURE that certain things are going to just happen, out of my control
MAN IN THE MIRROR you need to expect much of yourself, work on yourself first
REMEMBER THE TIMES as I’m moving into adulthood don’t forget where I have come from
BLACK AND WHITE I learned that reaching all races and cultures is important of reaching greatness in life

As I attempted to improve the content and style of my weekly radio talk show, I decided to add an artist spotlight and feature some of the artist’ biggest hits. The initial artist featured in the music spotlight on the show – MICHAEL JACKSON.

MICAH SIMS SAYS that Michael Jackson will be missed by millions!

MICAH SIMS SAYS that I will miss the King of Pop – Michael Jackson.

MICAH SIMS SAYS see you tomorrow.

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