Tuesday, June 9, 2009

In This Life A Little Rain Must Fall

IN THIS LIFE A LITTLE RAIN MUST FALL As I woke this morning the Philadelphia area is being bombarded with rough thunder storms. The rain is coming down hard, thunder is roaring and lightning flashing across the sky. I went to the window and noticed the hard rain and without an umbrella decided to wait until the rain slightly subsided to head to my car. While waiting I thought that without this rain falling the grass would start turning brown and trees would struggle to produce leaves, that’s right the RAIN MUST FALL FOR GROWTH TO OCCUR. MICAH SIMS SAYS that if we are going to grow as individuals, communities and a country – a little rain must fall. In other words we are going to endure periods of dark skies-strong winds & rains-thunder-lightning, that in this life we will go through some storms. However in those storms we will develop the character and fortitude to grow and become stronger. Right now this country is going through some rain, unemployment is high, many are struggling financially and some companies are literally on the verge of closing however MICAH SIMS SAYS this is the storm which can provide time to develop new strength, better practices and new vision to come through the storm and grow. There are moments when a storm washes away things which are firmly planted and maybe during this period of rain and storm in America some companies need to either develop a stronger sense of business and community commitment, instead of greed, or they will possible be washed away. MICAH SIMS SAYS in this life a little rain must fall, in this life you will endure some storms however if you take the time to analyze yourself life, your family, your finance and your business this may be a time of growth and development. MICAH SIMS SAYS   - see you tomorrow.

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