Monday, June 8, 2009


The Joy of Sunday.
MICAH SIMS SAYS it is clear that Sunday is the day of rest, relaxing and enjoyment of family & friends. On this past Sunday it was great to see the awesome display of focus and precision of Tiger Woods, the determination of Kobe Bryant as he led the Lakers in the NBA finals and the power of Ryan Howard and the Phillies in Dodger stadium. But I discovered today that nothing is more meaningful than watching your children or grandchildren taking time to play baseball or lacrosse or basketball in a league. Young people are appreciative of one another, embrace the joy of team and strive collectively to not win but to bring smiles to family members who are sitting on the sideline enjoying their competitive spirit and display of teamwork. He didn't hit the ball as far as Ryan Howard but my youngest son Chris (6 yrs. old) hit the ball further in my heart because he tried, didn't complain and just loved playing the game. My oldest son Micah (10 yrs. old) had more determination than Kobe as he pressed through his first season ever of lacrosse and was determined to get the ball to the right teammate so his team could score in their final game of the season. For me the Joy of Sunday aren't the highlights showcased on ESPN, but the moments shared with my boys today as they enjoyed trying their best to make their teammates proud and family members happy as they played. The Joy of Sunday is sharing with your family and friends and watching your kids give more than 100% on the field to make you proud. MICAH SIMS SAYS he is proud of Micah & Chris and all young people who just love playing their hardest because they just enjoy the sport, their teammates and family support.
MICAH SIMS SAYS tell me about the Joy of Sunday for YOU!

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