Friday, June 19, 2009


The world is watching as many within the country of Iran protest the recent presidential election results. It has been amazing to watch young and old Iranians march for democracy. Several politicians, mostly republicans, have voiced outrage about the silence of President Obama. They would like the president to speak in support of the protests and outrage of many Iranians who declare a fraudulent election.

President Obama is the leader of the United States of America; his job is leading and taking care of this country. We don’t like any country leader declaring support for candidates in our presidential election, so why should our country leader? We don’t want world leaders voicing opinion about presidential elections being stolen or questioning hanging chads on ballots in Florida. MICAH SIMS SAYS there is the power of silence by President Obama. Our country has a history of tinkering with the politics of Iran and we should mind our business and allow political process to unravel. I would like the President of the United States to remain silent.

MICAH SIMS SAYS that doesn’t mean that other national politicians and political operatives can’t speak out. I believe that what is taking place in Iran is inspirational and specifically watching the younger generation demand transparency and integrity by their government is awesome. I’m not asking our politicians to pick sides but speak words of encouragement to those willing to march and protest for what they believe is right.

MICAH SIMS SAYS there is the power of silence by President Obama and there is the power of vocal support of those in Iran marching for their beliefs. If I possessed a national voice I would say the following – MARCH & PROTEST FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IS RIGHT! LET FREEDOM RING! DON’T FORGET WHAT MOHAT GHANDHI AND MARTIN LUTHER KING WERE ABLE TO ACCOMPLISH.

MICAH SIMS SAYS sees you tomorrow.

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