Wednesday, June 10, 2009


In watching the Republican Party search for leadership, identity and purpose, I listened to the speeches of Gov. Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich. Gov. Palin continues to raise several core points of the right wing but nothing that would bring the country together; I think they will actually separate us further. I know that she is speaking to the base, the only base of the Republican Party, hard-core right wing evangelical southern conservatives.

Allow me to say that there are some values and issues expressed from this segment of the party that I believe have some legitimate merit, but I have always declared its all in the presentation and often the Republican far right presentation is one of arrogance and ignorance.

Now the speech by former Congressional leader Newt Gingrich featured some jabs at current President Barak Obama. Wait a minute- this is the same Obama that Gingrich declared to the Republican Party that they should get to know and even support for the sake of the country. Okay that didn’t last long because he declared as a shot to President Obama that he, Newt, was no citizen of the world. His statement declared that the being a citizen of the world was ideologically stupid,

Well Mr. Gingrich I would like to alert you that God didn’t place the United States in isolation, we live to communicate and interact with the world. In all reality, everyone here who is not a Native American Indian is actually a citizen of the world, because your fore parents we not born in this country but came to this country in hopes of a better life. MICAH SIMS SAYS hey Mr. Gingrich, that a better life, not a bitter life.

You and I are citizens of the world. What I do today, here in Philadelphia, does impact those not only in Philadelphia, but also in Chicago, Miami, Phoenix, Seattle, Rome, Brazil, Paris, Johannesburg, and Moscow and everywhere in between. MICAH SIMS SAYS if you want to improve the chances of the Republican Party, then Mr. Gingrich realize that unless you are leading the Navaho Indians or some other tribe, then your following includes citizens of the world.

Wait I got it – the new Republican Party members live on the MOON. They aren’t citizens of this United States of America or a citizen of this world.

MICAH SIMS SAYS stay there and send Newt a ticket to join. We need this country to come together, possess hope and bring prosperity to the entire world.

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